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Number the Stars WebQuests

      We may think we have and idea about what was going on during World War II, but do we really?  Did you know that Frederiksborg Castle has a moat all the way around it? Did you know that Allied soldiers had to climb a sea wall to over take German forces during D-day?  Do you know what a Kamikaze pilot is?   Let's see what you really know?


  • To generate and test hypotheses
  • To reinforce classroom discussion and literature
  • To make connections between classroom literature and the real world environment
  • To research historical facts using nonfiction sources


  • Go to the WebQuest you would like to research and click on it.   Open this document and save it under your ID number.
  • Type your answers to the "What I think?" questions.
  • Next use the hyperlinks at the bottom of you paper to navigate through the websites.
  • Read the information on the websites and type the answers to your questions on the right side of your paper.
  • Be sure to echo the question and use correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Make sure you proof read when you are finished, and then upload the assignment to Moodle.

Assessment:  (32 points)

  • Rubric: Each question is worth three points.  You will be awarded one point for each of the following:  correct answers, echoing the questions, and applying proper grammar rules.
  • Students will submit their answers using Microsoft Word and await feedback. Possibly through Moodle.
  • Please use the following templates:  Kamikaze Pilots, A-bomb, D-Day Invasion, Frederiksborg Castle.

Picture of Frederiksborg Castle.

Frederiksborg Castle

Picture of Kamikaze Pilots.

Kamikaze Pilot

Picture of D-Day Invasion.

D-Day Invasion

Picture of the Atomic Bomb explosion.

Atomic Bomb