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Bradford Woods

     The main field trip we take in Fifth Grade is Bradford Woods.  This year's trip is scheduled for March 19-21, 2008.  Our Bradford Woods field trip is a 3-day, 2-night experience.  Bradford Woods is on land owned by Indiana University, located along US 67 between Mooresville and Martinsville.  Our goal is for all of 5th grade students to attend this trip.  We keep track of our students' behaviors throughout the year to be sure that they will benefit from our trip and no one's behavior will have a negative affect on other students' experiences. 

     During the Bradford Woods experience, we involve the students in teamwork and team-building activities.  Other courses of study include animal instincts, trees and maple syruping( if the weather allows), and Native American studies.  Our trip, as well as pre- and post-trip activities, helps us meet Indiana State standards in the areas of Science, Health, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

     The Bradford Woods staff interacts with our students while teaching some of the activities.  These are trained staff members that provide our students with a tremendous experience.  Our Central Elementary staff members and/or parents are with our 5th graders at all times.  We will be asked to bring a predetermined number of chaperones, parents, and staff members to meet that chaperone requirement.

      Please be looking for a notice about a parent meeting in February giving you further information about our Bradford Woods experience.